业务联系第二十一事业部 | Business Connections
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   迪尚二十一事业部创立于2000年,是集团最大的业务部门之一, 主营外套类产品,下辖八个业务小组和迪尚华美服装有限公司和迪尚 华锦服装有限公司两个服装加工厂,产品主要出口美国、欧洲、日本、 韩国等市场。多年来部门用心经营客户,为客户提供优质的产品和周 到的服务。未来,部门将继续加大生产和研发方面的投入力度,保持 贸易额的持续快速增长。

Founded in 2000,dept 21 is one of the largest business department of Dishang group.Under it are eight business departments and two garment factories. Dept 21 is experienced in outwear product and the products are exported to the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea and many other markets.We provide our customers with high quality products and service for many years and will keep investing in production and research development to maintain a rapid growth in future.


强大的设计研发团队,独特新颖的设计理念,紧跟国际时尚潮流,每年新推500多个款式。 专业的质量管控团队,严格的质量控制体系,控制每一道工序,做好每一件产品。
We have powerful R&D team with unique design concept and following the fashion trade tightly. We provide our customer more than 500 new style every year.We have professionl quality control team with strict QC system.We control every process of production to provide the best quality product.

Deparment manager
臧家亮 (Michael Zang)Tel:+86

业务经理 Team manager
Team 1. 陈玉武(MILLER CHEN)Tel:+86
Team 2. 王 萍(NANCY WANG)Tel:+86
Team 2. 姜天祥(JACK JIANG)Tel:+86
Team 3. 林翠敏(CUIMIN LIN)Tel:+86
Team 4. 梁明好(STEVEN LIANG)Tel:+86
Team 5. 刘渊博(TIM LIU)Tel:+86
Team 6. 孟 鹏(MARK MENG)Tel:+86
Team 7. 姜晓燕(LORNA JIANG)Tel:+86
Team 8. 徐明臣(GEORGE XU)Tel:+86

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